Prescriber Documentation OLD

Prescriber Documentation OLD

Quick Guides

Role of a Proxy

Logging in to SmartCare

User Login Process


Client Search

Life Cycle of the Client: Services

Medical Clinical Documents

Rx Navigation and Prescriptions

Getting There and General Overview
Allergies, Intolerances, Failed Trials
Create a New Order (Prescription)


Diagnosis Entry

Problem List

Privacy and Consents

Clinical Data Access Group (CDAG)
Coordinated Care Consent & Authorizations to Disclose Confidential Information
Other Consents

Care Coordination

My Calendar Management

How to Document a No-Show Appointment

How to Schedule Non-Client Time

Life Cycle of the Client: Discharge

Messaging in SmartCare

Other Functionality

Error Correction Processes

Service Note Errors

Supervisor Workflows

Revision Tracking