How to Modify Standing Lab Orders

Standing lab orders will generate 7 days prior to the next occurrence. However, if changes or discontinues need to be made to the recurring lab order, the most recent order needs to be modified.

  1. With a client record open, click the Search icon.
  2. Search for Client Orders.
  3. Select Client Orders (Client).
  1. Click the New icon, in the tool bar.
  2. In Client Order Selection Popup, identify the most recently created order from the recurrence and select the checkbox.
    1. If multiple orders needs to be modified you may select multiple.
  3. Click the OK button. Client Order document will open.
  1.  Of note, you MUST modify on the parent order. It cannot be done for the most recent recurrence of the order.  Tip: if you are changing frequency, please make sure you select a frequency with the “[Frequency Time] -Labs”  as that indicates to the system that this is a reoccuring order. 

    1. When Parent Order is Modified– please make any needed changes to the lab order in Order section. 

    2. Parent Order will be discontinued.

    3. New Order will be created with the modified data.

    4. New Order will be updated as Parent Order for the Child Orders that are created from the previous Order.

  1. Once done, click Sign.