Making a QuickLink 

Certain functionalities and screens can only have a QuickLink rather than be added as a Favorite.   

We have submitted a ticket because occasionally the information will not appear immediately so you may need to refresh and/or log-in and out. 


  1. Drop down the menu for your name, and select “Manage QuickLink” 
  1. Find the desired screen and click on the Copy icon.  
  1. Drag the desired screen-copy to the bottom of the list.  
  1. Edit the name if you choose by clicking on the Edit icon 
  2. Click on the checkmark 

For Prescribers/Nurses, we would recommend selecting these QuickLinks to expedite your workflow. 

Office QuickLink Favorites:  

  • Staff Calendar 


Client Related QuickLinks: 

  • Client Dashboard 
  • Diagnosis Document  
  • Medication Management (Rx) 
  • Quick orders 
  • Flowsheets 


For Inpatient/CSU Prescribers and Nurses, we would recommend adding:  

Office QuickLink Favorites:  

  • Whiteboard 

Client Related QuickLinks: 

  • Client Orders 
  • MAR, Client