How to Order a Lab Panel

  1. 1. Click the Search icon. 

  1. 2.Type Client Orders. 

  1. 3. Select Client Orders (Client). This will take you to the Client Orders list page.  


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  1. 4. Click the New icon 

  1. 5. Select the appropriate CDAG program.  

  1. 6. Click Okay.  

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  1. 7. Click the Order Set tab. 

  1. 8. Click in the text box to the right of Preferences and type the name of the panel.  

  1. 9. Click to select it.  

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  1. 10. Click the checkbox next to the labs you would like to add to the order.  

  1. 11. Complete the information below. 

  1. 12. Click Insert 

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  1. 13. One completed, click Sign.  

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