Prescribing Controlled Substances: HID App Approval & Prescription Status

When a controlled substance is prescribed, there are a few other steps in the prescribing process.

After selecting prescribe, the prescription preview screen will show.  Here, and to the left of the medication, you will see ‘Ready to Sign.’

  1. Click the Ready to Sign checkbox to proceed. 
  1. Click Prescribe in the upper right-hand corner. 

Note:  This will present a notification on the screen saying, “Sending Soft Notification on Your Device.” 

  1. This is where you need to go to your mobile device and open the HID Approve App.  It will prompt you to swipe to approve
  2. Enter the password to approve.
After being approved the screen will process and take you back to the patient summary screen listing the patient medication list.
  1. Click the medication name that was just prescribed, and you can view the order status.

The status will display.