How do I know what CDAG I have?

Your System Administrator will set up your CDAG and which programs you are able to see. CalMHSA recommends three basic CDAG options:

1. Mental Health CDAG – Includes all Mental Health programs; would be assigned to mental health staff.

2. Substance Use Disorder CDAG – Includes all Substance Use treatment programs; would be assigned to substance use treatment staff.

3. Administration CDAG – Includes all programs in SmartCare; would be assigned to any staff that provide administrative support, such as billing, medical records, quality improvement, and management.

Your county may employ additional groupings, based on how your county is set up. For example, due to 42 CFR regulations, each SUD provider (meaning legal entity) should have their own CDAG to avoid breaching 42 CFR by sharing information with other providers (other legal entities). They may also limit which programs you are able to see, even if they’re within the same CDAG.