How to Send a Message

  1. Click the Search icon.
  2. Type Messages in the search bar.
  3. Click to select Messages (My Office).
  1. Click the New icon to create a new message
  1. Click the Magnifying glass icon next to the Client field and search for the client (if applicable).
  1. Enter the search criteria and click the radio button to select the patient.
  2. Click Select.
  1. Click in the To box and begin to type the staff member’s name.
    1. To save this person as a favorite click the Star icon.


  1. Click the down-down arrow in the To field and select a group.

Note: You can add both a group and a single staff member at the same time. 

  1. Click the radio button to change the priority from Normal if it applies.
  2. Click in the Subject field and type an appropriate subject.
  3. Click in the empty box below and type the message.
  4. Important: Click the checkbox to Make message part of the client’s record.
  5. Click the mail icon to send the message.