HID Password Issues and Troubleshooting

Password Not Accepted (Forgot Password)

If the HID Approve app is not accepting or recognizing your password, or you have forgotten it, you won’t be able to just simply reset your password. IdenTrust recommends you go through the process of reinstalling the application on your mobile device. This process allows you to create a new password. You will need to access the IdenTrust web portal to do this.

You can either call IdenTrust tech support to help guide you through this process or you can go below and complete the steps yourself.

  • IdenTrust Support
  • Toll Free U.S.: 1 (888) 339-8904

NOTE: Once the app password issue has been resolved, you still won’t be able to prescribe controlled substances.  You will need to work with your local system administrator for SmartCare with your county to help get EPCS reregistered. 

Instructions for Doing a Reset Yourself

Four steps to complete:

  1. Uninstall the HID app from your phone.
  2. Remove mobile device as an authenticating device from IdenTrust.
  3. Add mobile device as an authenticating device in IdenTrust.
  4. Contact County Sys Admin to assist in getting device registered with SmartCare.


Uninstall the HID Approve application from your mobile device.  This process will depend on the make of your device.  Follow instructions from your device maker to determine how to uninstall an application from your phone.

STEP 2. Remove mobile device as an authenticating device.

Go to the IdenTrust Certificate Management Center and login.  This site was used during the creation of your IdenTrust account.  If you are accessing this site from the computer, you installed the certificates on you should be able to use them to grant access.  Otherwise, you will need to use your account number and password to enter the site.  The account number can be found in emails that have been sent to you during the IdenTrust account creation process. 


Once you have logged in,

  1. From the drop-down menu For your Account would you like to and click to select Remove a device for authentication.
  2. Click Continue
  1. Select the drop-down menu for Choose One. Click to select the device you will be removing from your account.
  2. Click Next. 
  1. Your mobile device has been removed. Click Finish to complete the process.

STEP 3. Add a Device For Authentication

After selecting ‘Finish’ on the previous step, you should now be back at the main Certificate Management Center screen.

  1. From drop down menu For your Account would you like to and click to select Add a device for authentication.
  2. Click Continue.
  1. If the HID Approve app is NOT installed on your device, and it shouldn’t be if you are coming from the previous step, you will need to scan and download the HID Approve app with your mobile device using the applicable QR code depending on your device brand. The top QR code is for Android-based devices and the bottom QR code is for Apple devices.
  2. Once you have installed it, select the radio button for Yes, I have my device now.

Once you continue it should prompt you to begin the process to register a mobile device.

  1. Scan the QR code on the computer screen using the HID Approve app to register the mobile device.
  2. Select Finish.
  1. Once you scan the QR code on your mobile device you will be prompted to create a new Mobile Authentication password.

After creating the password click next to complete.  You will see the next 3 screens as it registers the service.

  1. Select OK

Congratulations you have successfully added your device!


For the next steps in resolving this issue, you need to work with the county administrator for the EHR system or contact CalMHSA tech support.