In the case of a medication being ineffective

This section pulls in any allergies entered in SmartCare or entered directly here for the patient.  Any allergy information entered here gets pushed back to SmartCare. This is also where you can add and see medications that the client shows intolerance or ineffectiveness towards.

  1. Sections showing current allergies, intolerances, and/or failed trials.

  1. Select drop-down to Show All, Allergies, Intolerances, or Failed Trials.

  1. Adding Allergies: Enter at least 2 characters.
  2. Select Add Allergy or Select ‚ÄėTab‚Äô button on keyboard.

  3.  Select Allergy (in this case a medication, Milnacipran)

  4.  Enter Comments

  5.  Select Failed Trial

  6. Click Select

    Note: Both Milk and Milnacipran are now in the Allergy List