Lab Interface Errors

Message Interface Screen is where a lab order’s status can be found, especially if there is an issue with the order transmitting to the lab vendor.  The Messages Interface list page can show the outbound or inbound status of orders placed for such vendors as Quest, LabCorp, and Dentrix.  It can show the processing state such as ‘Ready for Processing’ and ‘Unmatched’ as well as the order status if it was successful or had an error.  This screen can be used to ‘Match’ unmatched orders coming back from labs such as Quest and LabCorp.  It may be that a lab comes back without the necessary information to match back with the client an order was placed.  It will be necessary for an administrator to use the ‘Match’ feature to link the lab result with the client. 

Permissioned roles to view this screen are:  

  • SysAdmin 
  • Prescriber 
  • Medication Rx 
  • Medical IP/CSU/Res 
  • Medical Supervisors 


Currently, there are no end-user notifications. This enhancement is planned to be developed.  

We recommend that at minimum, your providers or clinic/unit supervisors are checking the lab order status in this screen in order to ensure lab orders are received properly by the lab vendor.  

For more information on this list page Click Here. 


  1. Click on the Search icon.
  2. Type “Messages Interface” in the search bar.
  3. Select “Messages Interface (Administration)” from the search results.

This will bring up the Messages Interface (Administration) List Page. 

Lab Errors Reference Sheet

Click Here for the Lab Errors Reference Sheet