How to Place a New Medication Order

Step by step video guide here:

In this section we will be creating a New Order (Prescription).  We will be starting from the Patient Summary Screen.

  1. Click New Order

The New Medication Order screen should be open.  This is where you will enter the necessary information to prescribe medications.


  1. Order: Section to select ‘Send Directly to Pharmacy (default) or Print Script. Also shows prescriber information including DEA # and Prescribing Location.
  2. Medication: Section that allows for searching and selecting of medication, diagnosis/purpose, and instructions/comments. Here we also add/adjust strength, dose, qty, etc. of medication
  3. Once medication is finished it gets inserted in this screen for review.
  4. Prescribe or Queue Order: Buttons to choose to prescribe now or put in queue to prescribe later.

  1. Send Directly to Pharmacy (default selection) – Preferred pharmacy should be listed. If you prefer to print script, drug information, or chart copy skip to step 4.
  2. Select drop-down to choose another preferred pharmacy or Click Magnifying Glass to search database for another pharmacy. Once a pharmacy is chosen it will automatically be selected as a preferred pharmacy.
  3. If not sending to pharmacy, Click PrintScript, Print Drug Information, or Print Chart Copy to print desired information. It will automatically print to printer attached to workstation.
  4. Verify Prescriber, DEA#, and Prescribing Location are listed. Order date cannot be back dated or future dated. All are required to prescribe.  Select Verbal Order Read Back if needing to confirm order with prescriber.

  1. Enter Drug Name (at least 3 characters) – hit ‘tab’ on keyboard or click screen just outside of selection. Another window will popup for you to choose medication.

NOTE: Click orange circle with exclamation point to view drug description from Medline.

  1. Select Radio Button next to desired medication.
  2. Click Select.

Medication should populate the screen like below. Once drug name is populated, the drop down becomes active and will show you other names, such as generic names, of the drug chosen.

NOTE:  Click orange circle with exclamation point near drug name to view drug definition from Medline which can be printed.

  1. Permit Changes By Other Users – on by default.
  2. Select drop-down and choose Diagnosis or Purpose if wanting to associate medication to diagnosis or other.
  3. Select drop-down and choose Active Coverage (if formulary is turned on).
  4. Check Dispense as Written.
  5. Select Save as Template – if wanting to save this configuration and use again.
  6. Enter Instruction Text for client put on bottle.
  7. Enter Desired Outcome for informational purposes if wanted.
  8. Enter Comment – Not put on bottle. Used to communicate with pharmacy.  Select Include On Prescription. Comment changes to Note to Pharmacy. See next image.

NOTE: 16. Continued. Hover over blue circle with ‘i’ for more information.

  1. Select drop-down to change Strength if desired.


  1. Enter Dose
  2. Select drop-down, choose unit if needed.

  1. Select drop-down and choose directions.
  2. Enter Rx Start Date
  3. Enter Days
  4. Dispense Qty is automatically calculated if days and dose is filled. Select ‘Tab’ button on keyboard or click next to area for it to automatically populate.
  5. Select drop-down, choose Potency Unit.
  6. Enter Refills.
  7. Enter Sample Qty – if any.
  8. Enter Stock if any.
  9. Rx End date is automatically determined from dose, directions, Rx Start date, and Days.
  10. Click Insert to add to Medication List. It is not yet prescribed.

  1. Select X to clear line of entered information and start over if desired.
  2. Click Clear to completely clear drug order from screen to start again.

After clicking insert we can now see the medication in the list. We can either prescribe the medication now or select Queue Order, which puts the medication in a queue to be prescribed later.  For now, we will prescribe.

Please note, we still will have one more screen to review and confirm prescription before actually prescribing.

  1. Select Prescribe.


This is the last screen to review the prescription.

  1. This section contains the patient information, prescriber information, and pharmacy information. It shows the medication(s) that will be prescribed.
  2. Here we can go back and change the order, see a preview of what the pharmacist will see, or finally submit the prescription. A. Click Prescribe.

You are taken back to the Patient Summary screen which now shows the medication we just prescribed along with all the others that have been prescribed or are being taken.