System Administration Documentation

General Overview

User Roles Administration

Clinical Data Access Groups Administration

Program Administration

How to Create a New Program

How to Set Up a Crisis Program for Use in the Inquiry Screen

How to Set Up a Fee-For-Service Provider

How to Modify an Existing Program

How to Associate a CDAG to a Program 

How to Associate Staff/Users to a Program

ECM Set-Up Administration

County Administration

Staff/User Administration

Rx Module/Prescriber Administration

Lab & Orders Administration

Primary Care Provider Administration

Calendar Administration

Global Code Administration

Client Administration

Billing Administration

Procedure Code Administration

Letter Template Administration

Work Group Administration

Flag Administration

Configuration Keys Administration

Org Hierarchy Administration

Error Correction Processes

Error Correction


Login Issues
Services/Service Note Issues
Caseload Issues
Other Issues

Inpatient/CSU/Residential Documentation

Additional Information

Appendix A – User Roles

Appendix B – Procedure Codes

Appendix C – Licenses/Degrees

Appendix D – Documents that Require a Co-Signature