System Administration Documentation

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General Overview

User Roles Administration

Clinical Data Access Groups Administration

Program Administration

How to Create a New Program

How to Set Up a Crisis Program for Use in the Inquiry Screen

How to Set Up a Fee-For-Service Provider

How to Modify an Existing Program

How to Associate a CDAG to a Program 

How to Associate Staff/Users to a Program

ECM Set-Up Administration

Staff/User Administration

Rx Module/Prescriber Administration

Lab & Orders Administration

Primary Care Provider Administration

Calendar Administration

Global Code Administration

Client Administration

Procedure Code Administration

Letter Template Administration

How to Create a Letter Template

Work Group Administration

Flag Administration

Error Correction Processes

Error Correction


Login Issues
Services/Service Note Issues
Caseload Issues
Other Issues

Additional Information

Appendix A – User Roles

Appendix B – Procedure Codes

Appendix C – Licenses/Degrees

Appendix D – Documents that Require a Co-Signature

Inpatient Documentation