Zoom’s Remote Control Function to Obtain Signature 

For patients and providers that are doing telehealth, it can be helpful to obtain their signature digitally. 

This can be done by giving patients’ control of your mouse tracker through Zoom’s Remote Control Function. 

  1. After you have signed your name electronically, then you will select the patient’s name and “Sign” button. This will open up the signature pad. Make sure you select the “Mouse/Touchpad” radio button.  
  1. Next, go to the top-middle toolbar of zoom and choose “More” on the right.  
  2. In the drop down, choose “Remote Control”  
  1. Then choose your patient’s name under “Give Mouse/Keyboard Control to”  
  1. The patient can now control your mouse tracker and in the signature they can draw in their signature and will need to click on the “Sign” button.  
  1. To end remote control, go back to “More” in Zoom’s top-middle toolbar and scroll down to “Remote Controlled” 
  1. You can select “Stop Remote Control” to resume control of your mouse/screen.