How to Troubleshoot if Having Difficulty Sending Prescriptions

Difficulty with Sending Prescription 

You may be getting logged off without realizing  

  • You may be getting logged off without you realizing it. Depending on what your county has set up for security.  
  • Rx’s log-in function is through Surescript and separate from Smartcare. While these two systems are linked, the timer on each of these are separate.  
  • Of note, your Medication Rx screen will stay open so be wary if beyond the log-out period. 
  • You may need to refresh your SmartCare first and/or log back into SmartCare. 
  • We are looking into whether a notification can be added to let you know if you’re about to get logged off. 


Prescribers needs to have: 

  • Electronic Signature 
  • Choose a prescribing location 


 Ready to sign checkbox missing, could be due to:  

  • Your prescriber has not completed all the HID/Identrust steps on their end OR Device needs to be registered  
  • Device needs to be enabled or registered within Smart Care (Admin role with prescriber) 
  • EPCS needs to be enabled (Admin role with prescriber) 
  • EPCS needs to be granted (Admin role ) 
  • EPCS system is applied to user and the setup is correct with permission granted but it is not applied in the backend (Admin needs to check, also working with Streamline)  
  • Soft token are expiring soon so may need to re-register (Admin role) 


When the order goes to print rather than pharmacy: 

 (in Sys Admin role under User Details) 

  • Fax of prescriber location  
  • Phone number of prescriber location 
  • Address of prescriber 
  • Postal code – if additional 4 numbers, may need to remove from zip code. 


Client is missing the following data: 

  • Sex: Male or Female. Cannot chose “not listed”  
  • Height/Wt: for patients under 18 years old.  At this time, we would recommend in situations where you do not have a previous height and weight, to please add one  even if estimation based on patient/parent reporting. There is a Comments textbox in the Flowsheet: “Meaningful Use/Vitals” if you choose to document the source.  We do not have a quick fix for this at this moment, and are hoping that with time and more data,  this will become less of an issue.  
  • Client Address: will need this information. For pt that is homeless consider putting in “Address Unknown” for Street and “Unknown” City. Can chose your clinic state and zip code. 


If you are continuing to have difficulty with sending out medications, please contact the help desk.