Post-Date Controlled Substances’ Subsequent Orders  

  1. With controlled substances, once your medication is selected, a new column, “Additional Orders will replace refill. Enter the number of subsequent orders you wish to prescribe  For class II medications, you can set up refills, but the prescription will be held until closer to the Rx start date.  
  1. In the preview screen, you can double check the dates. The subsequent Rx dates will be post-dated based on the # of days you have selected on the previous screen. 
  2. You can select “Pharmacy Preview” to see what will be sent to the pharmacy. The pharmacy will receive all prescriptions at one time, including the future prescriptions, but will indicate on the order to hold any future prescriptions until that date.  If you decided to print, then the paper version will have a “DO NOT FILL BEFORE [DATE] on each future prescription.

Of note for this example, there is no “Ready to Sign” checkbox because there is no Identrust HID mobile app linked to this prescriber, but if e-prescribing, then checkmark each of the medications and when you hit “Prescribe” button for the second time, you will be prompted to approve on your phone.