How to View My Caseload

SmartCare categorizes caseload into two types: Primary Clients and Non-Primary Clients. Primary Clients refer to clients for whom the user is a part of the treatment team. Non-Primary Clients are clients for whom the user either has scheduled or provided a service within the last 90 days (regardless if enrolled or discharged from a program). By default, the caseload list page is filtered to display All Clients, including both Primary and Non-Primary Clients. To exclusively view your Primary Clients, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. To view clients on your caseload ensure you select Primary Clients from All Clients dropdown.
  2. Click Apply Filter.
  1. List pages will retrain your most recent filter settings. Therefore, unless modified, this list page will default to displaying Primary Clients.
  2. Note: Primary column will display “Yes” for Primary Clients.