How to View Interfaced Lab Results

When there is a bidirectional lab interface, results will automatically come into the system.

  1. When results are sent from the lab the order will have Results Obtained Status in the Order list pages; Orders(My Office)  and Client Orders (Client). 
  1. Additionally, results will appear in the Lab Results widget. This widget is available in the Dashboard.
  2. Enter the ordering physician’s name. This is a typable-search field, as you type the name options will appear.
    1. The field will default to your name but will only show results based on the ordering physician name. You can only have one name at a time.
    2. The widget will display any lab orders for the ordering physician with Results Obtained status.
  3. Click the Order Name hyperlink to review the results.
  1. You will be in the Lab Results Review screen.
  2. Results will appear in the Lab Results Review section.
  3. Clicking the View PDF button will display the PDF within the same section.
    1. Button will change to View Results.
    2. Not all results will have a PDF, this is dependent on the interface.
  4. View Flowsheet hyperlink will open the flow sheet associated with this lab.
    1. See step 16 below for details.
  1. Click the expand icon next to Review to view additional fields.
  1. Select between Normal, Abnormal, and Not Specified radio buttons.
  2. Select Results Review Comments to select a standard comment.
  3. Enter comments into the textbox, if needed.
  4. Enter a user’s name into the Assigned to field if you would like to assign these results to someone.
    1. Assigned orders can be seen and tracked in Orders (My Office).
    2. Enter Assigned to Comments if the order was assigned to someone.
  5. Select Nurse Reviewed button.
    1. This button is only active when the individual is not set up as a prescriber.
  1. This review information can be seen and tracked in the Lab Results and Review List.
    1. This list page is for this specific client.
  1. All lab results will also populate into a flow sheet automatically.
    1. See Flow Sheets section on directions for accessing this screen.