How to Update a Letter Template

  1. Click on the Search Icon
  2. Type in “Letter Templates” in the search bar
  3. Select “Letter Templates (Administration)” from the search results.
  1. This will bring up the Letter Templates list page. Find the Letter Template you want to edit and click the link in the Template ID or Template Name column.
  1. This brings you to the Letter Template Detail screen. Update your letter template as needed. You can use the following tags for populating pertinent information dynamically.
    1. Client Information – Will pull data from the Client Information screen for the client you’re creating the letter for.
      • If the client has more than one address, {{ClientAddress}} will pull the Mailing address first (if available), Home address next, and Billing address third.
      • {{ClientPreferredName}} will pull from the Aliases tab in Client Information for the alias that’s marked as “Preferred Name”.
    2. Appointment Information – Will pull data from the next service appointment the client has.
      • Type: Will pull the procedure code name. NOTE: this is not the display name, but rather than actual procedure code that’s in the Billing Manual
      • Duration: Will pull the data from the Total Duration field
      • With: Will pull the data from the Clinician field
      • Mode of Delivery: Will pull the data from the Mode of Delivery field
    1. Selected Program Information – Will pull data from the Program Details screen, based on the program that’s associated with this letter (what’s selected from the CDAG dropdown by the user when creating the letter)
    2. County Information – Will pull data from the County Information screen
    3. Current User – Will pull data from the Staff Details screen for the user who is creating the letter.
      • Current User: Will pull the username that’s used to log into SmartCare
      • Current User Signature: Will pull the signature that’s used when signing documents
Client Information Insert Statement Format
Last Name {{ClientLastName}} Last
First Name {{ClientFirstName}} First
First/Last Name {{ClientName}} First Last
Preferred Name {{ClientPreferredName}} First Last
Client ID {{ClientID}} Number
Prefix {{ClientPrefix}} Text
Date of Birth {{ClientDOB}} m/d/yy
Client Address {{ClientAddress}} 000 Street City, CA 00000
Appointment Information Insert Statement Format
Type {{TypeOfAppnt}} Text
Duration {{AppntDuration}} Integer
Day and Date {{AppntDayAndDate}} Friday, mm/dd/yyyy
Time {{AppntTime}} 8:00AM
With {{AppntWith}} First Last
Mode of Delivery {{ModeofDelivery}} Text
County Information Insert Statement Format
County Code {{CountyCode}} Integer
County Name {{County}} Text
Behavioral Health Department Name {{CountyBHDeptName}} Text
Hours of Operation {{CountyHours}} Text
County Address {{CountyAddress}} Text
County City {{CountyCity}} Text
County Zip {{CountyZip}} 55555
Main Phone Number {{CountyPhoneNumber}} 555-555-5555
TTY Phone Number {{CountyTTYPhoneNumber}} 555-555-5555
Accessibility Phone Number {{CountyAccessPhoneNumber}} 555-555-5555
Member Services 24/7 Phone Number {{CountyMemberServicesPhoneNumber}} 555-555-5555
Crisis Line Name {{CrisisLineName}} Text
Crisis Line Phone {{CrisisLineNumber}} 555-555-5555
Current User Insert Statement Format
Current User {{CurrentUser}} Text
Current Date {{CurrentDate}} Mmm dd, yyyy
Current Date & Time {{CurrentDateTime}} Mmm d yyyy h:mmAM/PM
Current User Signature {{CurrentUserSignature}} Text

Use the “County Generic Letter” to see an example of the formatting. This letter template is maintained by CalMHSA and is a demonstration of all the different insert statements.

To create a County Generic Letter, have a client open. Use the Search icon to find the screen “County Generic Letter”. If needed, click New. This will show you want the end user will see when creating a letter with these insert statements. Signing the test letter will show you what these insert statements will look like in PDF format.

  1. Once you’ve finished writing the letter, click Save and close.