How to Define Reception Views

The Reception/Front Desk screen allows front desk users to see any clients with scheduled appointments on a designated day. They can use this screen to check-in clients, reschedule appointments, and more. There are a few filters on this screen, one of which is “Views”. These views are set by the System Administrator. 

  1. Click the Search icon.
  2. Type in “Reception” in the search bar.
  3. Select “Reception Views (Administration)” from the search results.
  1. This takes you to the Reception Views screen. To create a new view, enter the name of your view in the “Reception View Name” field.
    1. Next select the Locations and Programs that will show up for this view. If you’re wanting to create a view for a particular clinic, we recommend selecting all programs within that clinic and locations where the client would be coming into the clinic, so as field-based services related to these programs wouldn’t show up on the Reception View, since those clients won’t need to “check-in”.
    2. Next, select the staff members who can utilize this view. Remember that only end users with the User Role “Reception/Front Desk” will have access to the “Reception/Front Desk” screen. System Administrators also have access to this screen (User Role = CalMHSA SysAmin OR County Affiliate SysAdmin).
    3. In the Types field, select “Services”. CalMHSA is currently not utilizing SmartCare’s “Primary Care” or “Triage” modules, so if these are checked, it won’t cause problems.
    4. Once you’ve defined your view, click Insert. This will add your new view to the Reception View List below.
  1. To update an existing Reception View, select the view from the Reception View List.
    1. This will bring up the information for that view. Make whatever updates you need. This can include renaming the view, adding/removing programs, adding/removing locations, and adding/removing staff.
    2. Once you’ve completed your updates, click Modify.
  1. To delete a view, click on the delete (X) icon next to the View Name in the Reception View List section.
  2. Once you’ve added, modified, and/or deleted any Reception Views as needed, click Save. Then click the “Refresh” icon   to Refresh Shared Tables. Then you can click close .

Updated 12/4/23