How to Complete a Note

The system will have multiple note templates that can be associated to a procedure code. A user’s ability to complete the note is dependent on the note present. Below we outline the best steps a user can take to complete a note.

  1. After the user has completed the Service tab and clicked Save they should click on the Note tab.
    1. Many times, users will report the note tab is inactive. The note tab becomes active when the service is in show status.
  2. The user should click the Validate icon in the toolbar.
    1. Clicking Validte will also save the document.
  3. The Validations pop-up window will appear.
    1. Validation pop-up can be moved in the screen and can be left opened while the user works in the document.
    2. Validations will not be removed until the document validates again.
  4. Validations inform the user of what is required to be completed prior to signing a note. They can be read as follows:
      1. Tab(s)
      2. Section
      3. Field that needs to be completed.
  5. Once user has met all validations they can sign their note.