How to Address a Document Entered Against a Wrong Client

It may happen that a user enters documentation for the wrong client. When this occurs there are two options, these options are dependent on the status of the document.

  1. Firstly, we need to know the status of the document. The status is a field in the document header.

Documents Not in Signed or Completed Status

  1. If the status is that that is not in Signed, Completed, or New the user can move the document to the correct client.
    1. If document status is New, but the user has already been completing the document, the status can be changed to In Progress once it is saved.
  2. In the toolbar, the user can click the Move icon.
  3. The user will see a Move Document popup window.
  4. The user should click the ellipsis button to identify the correct client.
  5. The user will see Client Search pop-up.
  6. User can search for the client through any available fields.
    1. Note: The user has to click on field names in order to generate the search.
  7. Correct client can be selected by selecting the radio button.
  8. Click the Select button to proceed.
  9. Now the Correct ClientId field will be populated.
  10. The user should click Move button.
  11. The document has now been moved to the correct client


Documents in Signed or Completed Status

Once a document has been signed or completed it cannot be moved. At this point the document can only be errored. A new document would need to be done in the correct client record.

  1. In the document toolbar click Select Action icon and click Error.
  2. The user will see Note Error popup window. They should click OK button to proceed.
  3. The document status will now be Error and an Error watermark will appear on the PDF.
  4. Errored documents are not removed from the client record and can be located by selecting Include errored documents checkbox in Documents list page filter.

How to Complete a Clinical Document

There are multiple documents throughout SmartCare, and users may have general questions about how to complete the document. Firstly, there are guides and videos on specific clinical documents; users can be directed to them. Below is some general situations a user may experience while completing a document.

  1. User does not see the document in Search. In screenshot no results are produced by search.
    1. This is because the user does not have access to search for this document.
  2. User received red error stating “You are not authorized to view the screen (xyz)”when they click Document hyperlink.
    1. Note: Document hyperlink can be accessed through various screens.
    2. This means the user does not have access to the Document (View) permission.
  3. New icon in inactive when they are viewing a document.
    1. This means the user has access to view the document but does not have access to Document (Edit) permission.
  4. If a county does not believe permissions are set up correctly the action is dependent on where role was created.
    1. For roles created by CalMHSA, only CalMHSA can modify the permission.
    2. For roles created through the county, the county can modify the permissions.
    3. See How to Configure Role Definitions section for details.

How to Complete a Note

The system will have multiple note templates that can be associated to a procedure code. A user’s ability to complete the note is dependent on the note present. Below we outline the best steps a user can take to complete a note.

  1. After the user has completed the Service tab and clicked Save they should click on the Note tab.
    1. Many times, users will report the note tab is inactive. The note tab becomes active when the service is in show status.
  2. The user should click the Validate icon in the toolbar.
    1. Clicking Validte will also save the document.
  3. The Validations pop-up window will appear.
    1. Validation pop-up can be moved in the screen and can be left opened while the user works in the document.
  4. Validations inform the user of what is required to be completed prior to signing a note. They can be read as follows:
    1. Tab(s)
    2. Section
    3. Field that needs to be completed.
  5. Once user has met all validations, they can sign their note.