Documents Not in Signed or Completed Status

  1. If the status is that that is not in Signed, Completed, or New the user can move the document to the correct client.
    1. If document status is New, but the user has already been completing the document, the status can be changed to In Progress once it is saved.
  2. In the toolbar, the user can click the Move icon.
  3. The user will see a Move Document popup window.
  4. The user should click the ellipsis button to identify the correct client.
  5. The user will see Client Search pop-up.
  6. User can search for the client through any available fields.
    1. Note: The user has to click on field names in order to generate the search.
  7. Correct client can be selected by selecting the radio button.
  8. Click the Select button to proceed.
  9. Now the Correct ClientId field will be populated.
  10. The user should click Move button.
  11. The document has now been moved to the correct client.