UMDAP Family Account Client Fee Information

UMDAP Family Accounts are used when multiple family members are receiving services from an organization, and where the responsible party may or may not be a client. A likely scenario for UMDAP family is where two family members are receiving services, and the responsible party is not. If this is the case, the two family members would have client records, and the responsible party would be added as a Contact for both client records. The responsible party’s financial information would be used in the UMDAP Financial Assessments for both clients.

In order for UMDAP Family Client Fee to work correctly, the following must be completed.

  • The responsible party must be added as a Contact in the client’s record, and the checkbox for Financially Responsible If there is more than once client receiving services, then the Contact needs to be added to all client records, as a contact.
  • Select the mailing checkbox next to the contact’s address, in order for the contact to receive billing mail for the client’s services.
  • Complete and sign the UMDAP Financial Assessment for the client(s). The responsible party’s financial information will be used in the Financial Liability tab.