The Caseload Reassignment List Page

The Caseload Reassignment (My Office) is a functional list page where supervisors and administrators can reassign a staff’s in progress documents, to acknowledge documents, to be reviewed documents, to co-sign documents, to do, and to sign documents to another staff member. They can also reassign a staff’s flags, inquiry, and most importantly their primary clients to another staff member. For the list page to pull up any data, either the Staff search have been set to a staff or the Client search have been set to a client.

  1. Click on the Search icon.
  2. Type “Caseload Reassignment” in the search bar.
  3. Select “Caseload Reassignment (My Office)” from the search results.
  1. This will bring up the Caseload Reassignment list page.


    1. Assignment Type: From the dropdown list, select the assignment type you want to use. This will show the following assignments for both admitted / discharged / active / inactive clients
       Note: Options may vary from those listed below.• All Assignment Types
      • Primary Clinician – pulled from the Client Information – Primary Clinician
      • Flag – active flag types
      • Program – active programs
      • Primary Physician – pulled from the Client Information – Primary Physician
      • Documents – All, In Progress, To Acknowledge, To Be Reviewed, To Co-Sign, To Do, To Sign
      • Events – active events
      • Orders-Assigned
      • Orders-Author
      • Inquiry – In Progress
      • Financial Assignments – all active assignments
      • Contact Notes – In Progress where there is an Assigned to listed
      • Disclosures – where there is an Assigned to
      • Grievances/Appeals – active where there is an Assigned to listed
      • Peer Record Reviews – active where there is a Reviewed by listed
       • Rx – verbal orders that need approval
       • Rx – queued orders that need approval
    2. Assignment Sub-Type: When program is selected as the assignment type, you can type the specific name of the program to narrow down your results. 
    3. Staff:  You can select the staff member currently assigned here. 
    4. Client: Brings up the client search window to search for a specific client. 
    5. Click Apply filter when all the appropriarte options have been selected. 


The following data columns can be found in this list page:

    1. Client: Hyperlink to the client information screen. 
    2. Staff: hyperlink takes you to the staff information screen. 
    3. Assignment Type: See above
    4. Assignment Sub-Type: see above 
    5. Description: hyperlink takes you to the program assignment details screen. 
    6. DocumentStaffAssignPKId (This column can only be found when exporting the list)

Upper Right-Hand Corner Icons

    1. Reassignment Icon: Click this to reassign the case selected below. 
    2. New Favorites Icon: Clicking on the “new favorites” icon will allow you to add this screen to your favorites for quick access.
    3. Favorites Icon: If you have this listed as your favorite already, when you hover over this icon, it will tell you the favorite name.
    4. Export Icon: This icon is available to admins. You will be able to export the data from this screen into an excel spreadsheet.