Setting up Medication History from Surescripts 

In order to set up Medication History from Surescripts, four requirements will be needed:

  1. Staff will need “Prescriber” permission (in Staff List) and be registered with Surescripts (have an SPI in Rx)
  2. Client will need to be scheduled for an appointment with the prescriber and a status of “Scheduled.”
  3. Client’s insurance eligibility needs to be verified.
    1. If patient does NOT have coverage, as long as, they are eligible that is sufficient.
  4. Have signed Medication History Consent.
    1. You will need to input a start and end date. The end date can define a long period (+1 year in future ideally, but no limitations by SmartCare so based on county/program preference).


  1. If all these steps are completed, then 3 days prior to appointment, Surescript will push move most recent data.  
    1. If the Medication Consent is signed at an appointment that is scheduled, the history will pull in from Surescripts within 15 minutes. 
    2. If medication does not appear to be updated, please refresh by clicking on “Real-Time Med History.”