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Coordinated Care Consent and Authorizations to Disclose Confidential InformationAdded note regarding not using the “verbal only” option for CCC and ROI.3/2/2023
Life Cycle of the Client: Services How do I add the client to my program?Added note regarding needing a diagnosis document when opening to a new program.3/23/2023
Error Correction ProcessesAdded section3/23/2023
Screens vs. DocumentsAdded screenshots and expanded section5/8/2023
Client SearchAdded section5/8/2023
Login HelpAdded section5/8/2023
Logging in to SmartCareExpanded section5/8/2023
Changing Your PasswordAdded section5/8/2023
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Supervisor Workflows: How to Sign Documents in a BatchCompleted section5/8/2023
Supervisor Workflows: How to Change the Author of a DocumentAdded section5/8/2023
Supervisor Workflows: How to Reassign Cases in a BatchAdded section5/8/2023
How to Document a Scanned ROIAdded Section5/11/23