Staff QI Time Report

Report Description
This report will show QI Time calendar entries for a staff person that are marked as busy for the user entered date range that includes: Date, Staff Name, Staff Degree (LPHA or above vs. not LPHA), Duration with summaries for each staff.
Report NameMenu PathClient BasedReport RDL Name
CalMHSA Staff QI Time ReportCalMHSA Staff QI Time Report (My Office)NoRDLCALMHSAStaffQITime
ParametersData TypeHiddenComments
StaffMultiple SelectNStaff multiple select
Service From DateDateN
Service Through DateDateN
DataSetsForm(s)CDAG enforcedComments
DataSet1Staff CalendarN/AThis query will get all calendar entries for selected staff where the Show Time As field has been marked as Busy.
GetCountyLogoN/AN/ACounty Logo Image for display on page header
DataSet2Staff/UsersN/AUsed to populate the staff Parameter with active staff records
Default User Roles
County Affiliate SysAdmin LPHA/Clinician Clinician Supervisor Billing Supervisor Billing Medical Supervisor CalMHSA SysAdmin SUD Organizational Provider MH Organizational Provider