CalMHSA Client Meds By Program Report

Report Description
This report is designed to display client medications ordered from the Rx module in SmartCare. The design and layout is based on the existing SmartCare product report – Client Medications by Program however this report – CalMHSA Client Meds By Program Report will allow a user to select multiple programs in the Program parameter.
Report NameMenu PathClient BasedReport RDL Name
CalMHSA Client Meds By Program ReportReports/ CalMHSA Client Meds By Program ReportNClient Medications by Program.rdl
ParametersData TypeHiddenComments
ExecutedByStaffIdIntegerYPassed by system at report run time based on currently logged in CDAG
Executed By StaffIdIntegerYPassed by system at report run time based on currently logged in staff person
ProgramIntegerNProgram multiple select based on logged in user CDAG and staff programs
DateDateNDefault to current date
DataSetsForm(s)CDAG EnforcedComments
DataSet1MedicationsYThis query will display any medications where the medication has not been discontinued. It will retrieve the client id, medication id, client name, medication name, any instructions, the medication start and end dates, script order and created dates, and the user who entered and prescribed the medication.
GetCountyLogoN/AN/ACounty logo image for display on page header
ProgramStaff/UserYUsed to populate the Program parameter with active programs that the user has access to in Staff profile
Default User Roles
Administrator - Non-Clinical Billing Billing Supervisor CalMHSA SysAdmin County Affiliate SysAdmin Medical Records/Quality Assurance Reception/Front Desk UM