Program Set Up: Inpatient Set-Up

System Administration Guide provides detailed steps on how to create a program. Please reference that guide for details on creating a program. As a reminder, you may have the program already present through data conversion.  Steps below are specific to set up the program for inpatient and residential. I have also referenced areas on conversion files that correspond to these fields.

  1. To begin, navigate to Programs (Administration).
    1. Click on the Search icon.
    2. Type Program.
      1. Only three characters are required before options display.
    3. Select Programs (Administration) from the options.
  1. Once in the Program list page utilize filters to locate your program.
    1. Remember to click the Apply Filter button once you have selected your options.
  2. Select program from Program Name column to open Program Details.
  1. As a reminder, ensure the program is added to a Clinical Data Access Group once the program has been created.
  2. Note: When Programs are created ensure you add the program to ‘BedDay System’ user. This user is added to bed charges, this is a requirement of the system and will not appear on 837i.

Inpatient Set-Up

  1. Once in Program Details, General tab >  Categories section select the following:
    1. Inpatient Program
    2. Show in White Board
    3. Automatic Attendance For Bed Assignment
      • When this is selected a charge will automatically be created for the bed via the census (bed occupied at midnight).
      • If this program should not have automatic attendance, do not select this box. Services will need to be created manually for each client.
      • Note: Bedboard, which is associated with Inpatient, does not allow an option for manual attendance.
    1. Corresponding conversion file: Setup_Data_Programs
      • Program Category: InpatientProgram, ShowInWhiteBoard, and AutomaticAttendanceForBedAssignment
      • Y indicates the checkbox would be selected.
      • Leaving this blank would indicate the checkbox is not selected.
    1. You can select Create Service for Same Day Admit and Discharge is applicable.
      • If this is selected, and the client is admitted and discharged on the same day, a charge will be created for the day via the census.
      • If it is not selected, then there will not be a charge created
      • Corresponding conversion file: Setup_Data_Programs
        • Program Category: CreateServiceForDischargeDate
        • Y indicates the checkbox would be selected.
        • Leaving this blank would indicate the checkbox is not selected
  1. In the General tab >  MAR Setup section select Client Order Meds.

Note: By selecting MAR in the program set up means that when the end user is in the Client Orders or Medication Rx Module, they will you will get a “Select Days of the Week” pop-up and they will be mandated to select it in order to prescribe.