Overview of Overnight Billing Jobs

The Nightly Billing Job has 15 steps it goes through to complete automatically specific functions in SmartCare. The Billing Job and each step runs every night in the following order.

  1. 835 Process Uploaded Files – Processes any imported 835 files
  2. Create Bed Services – Creates bed services when using the automatic census in the Inpatient/Residential module
  3. Generate Bundled Services – Creates bundled services when using the bundled services functionality
  4. Attach Diagnosis to Show Services – Refreshes Billing Diagnosis tab
  5. Service Completion – Completes services that are in a Show status with no service validation errors
  6. Set Charge Ready to Bill – Sets charge to Ready to Bill if there are no charge errors
  7. Reallocation – Based on changes in the system, charges are reallocated if needed
  8. Ready to Bill 2 – If any charges have been reallocated they are run through the Ready to Bill job again
  9. Allowed Amount Adjustments – Processes adjustments based on setup in the Plan
  10. Client Fee Adjustments – Processes adjustments based on active Client Fee records
  11. Auto Post Client Payments – Client payments are applied to oldest balance first
  12. Fix Open Charges, Unposted Payments and Client Balance
  13. Custom Timely Filing Warnings – Generates charge errors for Delay Reason Codes
  14. Custom EPSDT Indicator – Adds the EPSDT indicator to claim files