How to Update the Prescriber Location Requirements

Staff that prescribe medications require office locations to have an address, phone number, and a fax number. The location is also required to be designated as a ‘Prescribing Location.’

  1. Select Search icon.
  2. Enter Locations
  3. Select Locations (Administration)
  4. The Locations screen should be visible.
  5. At this point, you could go through the list of Locations Names and select a location if it has already been We are going to create a new one. The only difference is we need to add a Location Name. The ones already entered will have a Name and maybe some other information about the site.
  6. Select New  icon
  7. The Locations Details screen should be visible.
  8. Enter Name of location.
  9. Check Prescribing Location.
  10. Enter Telephone Number and Fax Number.
  11. Select Details in Address Section, Enter Address, Select Okay.
  12. Select Save.

NOTE: Enter any other information that you need. For example, Type, Place of Service, and NPI number.

Important: Whether you create a new location or choose one that has already been entered, you just need to make sure it has an Address, Fax and Phone Number, and a check mark in the ‘Prescribing Location’ box.