How to Document Multiple Admins Within the Hour

For Medication Orders, the setting “Multiple Admins Allowed Within Hour” can be set in the Order Setup (Administration) Screen by a System Administrator to enable staff to administer medication more than once in one hour in the Client MAR (Client) screen. Insulin is one example of this. This feature can be used by Nursing, Clinical Staff, Prescribers, and System Administrators.

  1. Click on the Search icon, with the client open.
  2. Type Client MAR in the search bar.
  3. Select Client MAR (Client) from the search results. 
  1. This will bring up the Client Orders (Client) list page. Use the filters as needed.
  1. If your order has the setting enabled, at the time of Administration, you’ll notice the “+” button below Medications Given to add another Admin entry into the MAR. Click the “+” icon to cause the MAR Details screen to pop up.
  1. The MAR Details screen shows Details for this Medication Administration entry. Confirm all details and change as necessary.
  2. Add any comments necessary for this entry.
  3. Click Save in the bottom right corner.
  1. The entry will now be shown on the MAR.

Video Walk-Through