How to Do Initial Medication Reconciliation

Part of the Nursing Assessment includes reviewing the client’s current medications. SmartCare will automatically show you what medications have been entered in SmartCare’s Rx module. This includes medications prescribed by outpatient prescribers and self-reported medications. To complete medication reconciliation, review this list with the client and add any additional self-reported medications. Make sure the list of medications is accurate and note any deviations in the comments field.

  1. To edit the medications, click the Open SmartCareRx button
  1. This will bring up the Rx module in a new window. You may edit the client’s self-reported medications, which are indicated by a black pill bottle icon in Rx.
  1. DO NOT alter current outpatient orders, which are indicated by a yellow Rx icon. If the client reports that they are no longer taking these, or have not taken their medication for a few days, note this in the Comments section in the Nursing Assessmen