How to Create or Modify an “Other Denial of Rights” Order 

This is the workflow to capture any denial of rights besides seclusion or restraints. For ordering a seclusion or restraint, this can be found here: How to Order Seclusion and Restraints – 2023 CalMHSA This information will be important for the state report, so please record accurately. 

  1. With an active client selected, click the Search icon.
  2. Type ‘Orders’ into the search bar.
  3. Click to select Client Orders (Client).
  1. This will bring up the Client Orders (Client) list page. Use the filters as needed.
  1. Click the New button in the top right.
  1. If there is an existing order, then select the checkbox for the order that you want to modify. Otherwise, to start a new order or continue, click OK.
  1. The CDAG Program Enrollment window will pop up. Select the correct Program Enrollment from the available options.
  2. Click OK.
  1. In order search bar, type Other and select Other Denial of Patient Rights.
  1. The Frequency has been already selected to be “Once” 
  2. The Start Date/Time has been defaulted to “Now + Scheduled”. If the date/time needs to be backdated, then it will need to be changed to “Other” with the associated date/time indicated.  
  3. The End Date/Time should be selected for the maximum amount of time the denial of rights can be allowed for before the order needs to be re-evaluated.  
  1. Choose the rights that are being denied at the current time of the order being created.  This is a mandatory field. 
    1.  The following denial of rights are available: 
      • Keep/Spend Money (Right to keep and be allowed to spend a reasonable sum of one’s own money for canteen expenses and small purchases) 
      • Letter Writing Tools (Right to have ready access to letter writing materials, including stamps) 
      • Mail (Right to mail and receive unopened correspondence) 
      • Own Clothes (Right to wear one’s own personal possessions) 
      • Personal Possessions (Right to keep & use one’s own personal possessions) 
      • Storage Space (Right to have access to individual storage space for one’s private use) 
      • Telephone (Right to have reasonable access to telephones, both to make and receive confidential calls or to have such calls made for them 
      • Visitors (Right to see visitors each day)  
  2. Select the reason that the denial of rights is being applied. This is a mandatory field. 
    1. The following options are available: 
      • Facility Damage (serious) 
      • Infringing on Others Rights (serious) 
      • Injury to Others (serious) 
      • Injury to Self (serious)
  3. Select any alternative methods that were used to avoid the denial of rights
  1. Describe the events that lead to the denial of rights
  2. Indicate the date/time that the client was notified of their rights being denied. This information may need to be inputted at later time after discussion with patient, by modifying the order.
  3. Click Insert.
  4. Click Sign

The signed PDF will capture the information at the time of the order. Any modification to the order will be captured in subsequent PDF