How to Complete a Clinical Document

There are multiple documents throughout SmartCare, and users may have general questions about how to complete the document. Firstly, there are guides and videos on specific clinical documents; users can be directed to them. Below is some general situations a user may experience while completing a document.

  1. User does not see the document in Search. In screenshot no results are produced by search.
    1. This is because the user does not have access to search for this document.
  2. User received red error stating “You are not authorized to view the screen (xyz)”when they click Document hyperlink.
    1. Note: Document hyperlink can be accessed through various screens.
    2. This means the user does not have access to the Document (View) permission.
  3. New icon in inactive when they are viewing a document.
    1. This means the user has access to view the document but does not have access to Document (Edit) permission.
  4. If a county does not believe permissions are set up correctly the action is dependent on where role was created.
    1. For roles created by CalMHSA, only CalMHSA can modify the permission.
    2. For roles created through the county, the county can modify the permissions.
    3. See How to Configure Role Definitions section for details.