Difficulties with Finding a Diagnoses

When searching for a diagnosis by descriptive text, this can result in a long list that is difficult to scroll through. We recommend that you use the ICD10 code to help narrow the list.

We have a ticket to Streamline to reconfigure the search to be more efficient.

We have created a quick guide of common psychiatric, medical and SDOH codes. These can be found within the EHR:

  • Diagnosis Document
  • Billing Diagnosis Tab of any note
  • Psych Note Template’s Diagnosis Tab
  • Progress Note Template’s Problem list section

We have also added to “Quick Guides” section of CalMHSA websites for Clinical, SUD, Prescriber, Nursing and Inpatient ( Common Diagnoses Codes (PDF) )

While not comprehensive, we have provided some of the most common medical diagnoses’ ICD10.  We have also provided pre-fix code for psychiatric and mental health ICD10’s. You can use the first 3 letters and numbers to help narrow down the list, though by adding additional numbers, it can help narrow the list even further.  We also provided a set of common SDOH Z codes.

We do recommend that you consider saving commonly used ones as favorites for future use.  How to Save a Favorite Diagnosis