CalOMS FSN Work-Around

NOTE: Look up their TEDS (CSI and CalOMS need to have a TEDS Episode) Before a TEDS Episode can be created a TEDS Setup has to be created.  

  1. With the client open, click the Search icon
  2. Type Programs in the search bar. 
  3. Click to select Programs (client)
  1. On the Client Programs list page, click the Enrolled hyperlink for the appropriate program. 
  1.  On the Programs Assignment Details page, navigate to the comment box and enter a generic note. For example, CalOMS UPDATE. 
  2. Click Save
  1. Navigate to the Search icon and search TEDS Tracking List (Client)
  1. On the TEDS Tracking List page, click the Episode ID. 
  1. Locate the Episode number and click the Override checkbox.
    1. Enter the FSN number from your Open Admission Report in the Episode field. 
  2. Click Modify.
  3. Click Save.

Note: If your county already has CalOMS entered with unpopulated FSN, please skip this step. 

  1. Navigate to the Search icon and search CalOMS (Client). 
  1.  Click the Edit button on the document. 
  1. Navigate to the FSN drop-down and select your FSN
  2. Click Sign
  3. Click Save