CalMHSA Services Missing Diagnosis By Program

Report NameMenu PathClient BasedReport RDL Name
Services Missing Diagnosis By ProgramServices Missing Diagnosis By Program (My Office)Client BasedRDLCALMHSAServicesMissingDX.rdl
ParametersData TypeHiddenComments
ExecutedByStaffIdIntegerNStaffId at report run time - system variable
ProgramMultiple SelectNProgram multiple select that will display programs associated with the current logged in staff
DataSet1Services (My Office)YThis query will get all records from the Service Error table where the clientId and programId of the service error does NOT have a diagnosis record from the Diagnosis Document form
ProgramStaff/UserN/AThis query is used for reference only
MyStaffIDN/AYThis query is used to populate the @Programs multiple select parameter based on logged in user’s associated programs from the Staff/Users form
GetCountyLogoN/AN/ACounty logo image for display on page header
Default User Roles
County Affiliate SysAdmin Clinician Supervisor Billing Supervisor Billing Medical Supervisor CalMHSA SysAdmin