CalMHSA Report Queue

Report Status Deployed Comments
CalMHSA 200 - Staff Dashboard Enhancements PROD Y Deployed to PROD on 7/1.. Staff Performance Dashboard Report Enhancements
CalMHSA 100 - Shared Care Plan PROD Y Moved to PROD on 6/3, updated version will also be coming up. Placeholder report to display any plan information when user has selected the check box - Add to Shared Care Plan on the Psych Note
CalMHSA 102 - MAR Report PROD Y Deployed to PROD on 7/1. Inpatient Medication Administration Report meant to improve the SmartCare product MAR report.
CalMHSA Aftercare/Discharge Summary Report PROD Y Deployed to PROD on 6/3. This report allows for filter and selective choice of what shows up on the aftercare summary. it allows for medical objective data ( eg vitals, meds, outstanding orders, future appts) along with the desired text to show up on this report. One big feature is the ability to capture any Med Rx changes that are made within the last 24 hours to allow demonstration to the receiving party what changes were made to a client's outpt medication list.
CalMHSA Client Medical Related Face Sheet Report PROD Y Updated version requested to move to PROD on 7/5. Facesheet/ pdf dashboard for prescribers
CalMHSA 103 - Shift/Rounding Report PROD Y In PROD but need to update report with improvments. improve the Shift Report in SL to have more data.
CalMHSA 202 - Mobile Crisis Admin Time Report PROD Y Deployed to PROD on 6/10. A report that will show the mobile crisis staff calendar entries if they are marked as busy for the user entered date range
CalMHSA 104 - Assessments Due Report PROD Y Deployed to PROD on 7/1 with updates. A report that will show by program, if an assessment for Cal Aim, CANS, PSC-35, ANSA, or ASAM has been completed and if so, whether or not it was completed on time or not.
CalMSHA 203 - Staff 274 MH/SUD Caseload Report PROD Y Deployed to PROD on 7/1. a report for 274 MH & SUD Staff/Providers, which will extract: - Maximum Number of Medi-Cal Members this Provider will Accept - Children and adult - Current Medi-Cal Members Assigned to this Provider - Children and Adult
CalMSHA Progress Note Timeliness Report - Enhancement PROD Y Deployed to PROD on7/1. Enhancement to prevent time out when all programs are selected and a lot of data is returned
CalMHSA Legal Status - Client Orders Development N Being redesigned by CalMHSA clinical dept, waiting on CalMHSA testing. Create a report with date range and program (multiple-select) Pull all client orders of order "Legal Status" (OrderId: 17)
Denial of Rights Monthly Report Development N DHCS 1804 Report
Hospital Face Sheet for Concurrent Review Development N something between the CalMHSA Transfer Summary and the Client Face Sheet report,
inpatient/CSU Client Facesheet Development N inpatient facesheet
CalMHSA 106 - BQuIP Report QA Y Enhancements added and requested to QA on 7/11. A BQuIP report similar to ASAM for a list of signed BQuIPs that have been entered for a user entered date range, user entered programs, and user entered staff selection with an abridged selection of fields. Sorted by Effective Date ascending
EQRO: Penetration Rates Report Development N use the MMEF (denominator - what is the race/ethnicity of your Medi-Cal members) and a services report (numerator - race/ethnicity of those members you served)
CalHealthCares Grant Service Report Development N Update 6/5, this information will be added to the CalMHSA 200 - Staff Dashboard report. A report of the total number of client�s and the one�s that are being billed to Medi-Cal out of that percentage for CalHealthCares grant
Pre-billing report for inpatient and reisdential Development N Need a pre-billing report to pull out data for charges where the client has a client program enrollment to a program with a program category = to Inpatient or Residential and just list all the charges that the client has for all programs with the DOS,program name,procedure code and if there is an existing charge error.
Enhance existing CalMHSA Staff Licenses report to add taxonomy information Development N Might not be needed as CalMHSA Credentialing Report has taxonomy codes, Add taxonomy codes to the CalMHSA Staff Licenses and Expiration Dates Report (My Office)
Modify Special Populations Report to include program information Development N Possible duplicate requets of Add Program Enrollment to CalMHSA Special Populations Report, Clinics need to be able to quickly identify all special population clients within their program(s), and counties need to be able to identify and report out on special population clients across all clinics and programs
EQRO - Timely Access DMC Analysis and Design N
EQRO - Timely Access MH Analysis and Design N
Create a Report that pulls all BQuIP SUD Screening Tools Analysis and Design N this is satisfied with CalMHSA 106 - BQuIP Report