CalMHSA Data Sharing Opt Out Report

Organizations participating in CalMHSA Connex can facilitate a client requested Data Sharing Opt Out directly within SmartCare.  Consent is what enables a client’s data to be shared externally with other organizations for the purposes of Treatment, Payment, and Operations (TPO). 

The CalMHSA Data Share Opt Out Report enables users to generate a comprehensive report displaying all client opt-out requests that have been processed within the SmartCare system.  This report facilitates transparency and ensures compliance with data sharing protocols by providing a centralized view of clients who have exercised their right to opt out of data sharing initiatives.

The report will display all Opt Out requests captured within the date range. NOTE:  The data range is configured with the Start Date of Opt Out is after or equal to the supplied From Date and if the End Date of Opt Out is before or equal to the supplied To Date.