CalMHSA BHQIP Screening Tools Report

This report is used to track the Adult and Youth Medi-Cal Mental Health Screening tools completed in SmartCare. This report provides information on the results of the screening tools, as well as some other data points counties may be interested in. This report contains PHI. This report is meant to be exported to excel where you can manipulate the data further for additional quality assurance and performance improvement activities. This report can be used to provide a summary for the BHQIP September submission requirements for item 2a.

Report NameMenu PathClient BasedReport RDL Name
ParametersData TypeHiddenComments
Clinical Data Access GroupIdIntegerYPassed by system at report run time based on currently logged in CDAG
Executed by StaffIdIntegerYPassed by system at report run time based on currently logged in CDAG
ProgramMultiple SelectNProgram multiple select
Screening ToolsSingle SelectNAdult and Youth, Adult, Youth are the selections
DataSetsForm(s)CDAG enforcedComments
DataSet1Staff service informationN/AThis query will display records from both the Adult or Youth Medi-Cal Screening forms where the effective date is between the user entered start and end dates and the document has been signed. The user has the option to display adult, youth or both screening tool records based on the selection made in the Screening Tool parameter. The format of the report was designed so that end users can export the data out to Excel.
GetCountyLogoN/AN/ACounty logo image for display on page header
Program Client InformationN/AUsed to populate the program parameter with active programs that the user has access to in Staff profile
Default User Roles
County Affiliate SysAdmin, Clinician Supervisor, Medical Records/Quality Assurance, Billing Supervisor, Medical Supervisor, CalMHSA SysAdmin

Updated 9/5/23