Billing Add-on Codes

When an add-on code is added in addition to the primary procedure, at the time of Service Completion the additional service with the associated charge will be created. Both the primary and add-on procedure will have their own separate record in SmartCare.

In the example below, the “Office or Other Outpatient” service is the primary procedure. The “Ancillary Service” is the add-on procedure. The Services (Client and My Office) screens have a column that displays associated Add On Codes for quick reference.

There is a configuration via the Plan Details page that directs how add-on codes should be treated when being billed. 

In the Charges/Claims screen, the services can be selected to bill.

If SmartCare is configured to Auto bundle, if one of the charges has an error, both will be stopped with a warning/error message. The message will identify the associated charge for reference.