Staff My Caseload Details Report

Report Description
This report is designed to display caseload information for the currently logged in Staff person who runs it in SmartCare. The design is similar to the My Caseload (My Office) List Page but includes additional columns such as next upcoming appointment information.
Report NameMenu PathClient BasedReport RDL Name
CalMHSA Staff My Caseload Details ReportsCalMHSA Staff My Caseload Details ReportNRDLCALMHSAMyCaseloadDetails.rdl
ParametersData TypeHiddenComments
Clinical Data Access GroupIdIntegerYPassed by system at report run time based on currently logged in CDAG
Executed By StaffIdIntegerYPassed by system at report run time based on currently logged in CDAG
Team RolesMultiple SelectNMultiple select parameter on the team roles that can be assigned to a staff and caseload
DataSetsForm(s)CDAG enforcedComments
DataSet1Staff service informationN/AUsed to get the staff nae, caseload role, treatment team role, client name, most recent service date, procedure and clinician where the service was in show or complete status, and next appointment date, procedure code, and clinician for the currently logged in staff person from the services, and client treatment team tables
GetCountyLogoN/AN/ACounty logo image for display on page header
TeamRolesTeam RolesN/AUsed to populate the Program parameter with values from the global code category TREATMENTTEAMROLE
Default User Roles
Billing CalMHSA SysAdmin Clinical Intern Contractor Contractor, Full Permissions Contractor, No Rates IP/CSU/Res LPHA/Clinician Medical IP/CSU/Res Non-LPHA Nurse Practitioner Prescriber