Release Notes

MSP Release Notes Disclaimer

Be aware that these notes being shared come directly from Streamline.  The CalMHSA team reviews the release notes and tests the bug fixes and new features.  It is possible that some of the items in the release do not pass testing and will need to be reviewed by Streamline and fixed before it moves from QA to Prod.  It is also important to know that we may be unable to answer questions about specific items in the release notes during testing. 

MSP Release Note Legend:

  • Green = Changes have already been deployed to PROD as part of a prior hotfix build. No need to test (unless you would like to double check the changes)
  • Pink = Changes should be tested and are related directly to one of your Zendesk tickets.
  • Red strikethrough = Functionality not applicable to CalMHSA/Counties. No need to test
  • Yellow = New functionality introduced to the system. If it is not highlighted in Pink it is not directly related to one of your tasks, but it could be worthwhile to test.
  • Orange Highlighted Items: Items needing to be tested by CalMHSA

MSP Release Notes Timing

CalMHSA strives to upload the MSP Release Notes within three business days of receiving them from Streamline.  This allows CalMHSA to review and make notes/updates so the counties have the best possible version.

Release Notes

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