Plans (Administration) List Page

The Plans (Administration) list page offers a lot of valuable information. This list page will give you the ability to manage all your plans in one location.

  1. Click on the Search icon.
  2. Type “Plan Administration)” in the search bar.
  3. Select “Plan Administration)” from the search results.

This will bring up the Appointment Search (My Office) list page.


Use the filters/search functions as needed, notable there are some important filters noted below:

    1. Plans: This filter will allow you to filter between capitated and non-capitated plans.
    2. Payers: Using this filter will give you plans for each payer
    3. Status: You can filter by active and inactive plans
    4. Information: You can filter by incomplete or complete information
    5. Plan Name: Also gives you ability to search by name
    6. Service Area: allows you to choose between DMC or MH. 
    7. Click Apply Filter once the appropriate changes are selected. 


    1. Plan Name: This will display the plan name. This hyperlink will take you to the Plan Details screen. 
    2. Plan Code: This field is pulled from the “Display As” field in the Plan Details screen. 
    3. Address: This will display the plan address.   
    4. %Business: This field indicates the % of all charges to the plan since the fiscal year. 
    5. Current A/R:
    6. # Current Clients: Shows the number clients associated with that plan. 

Upper Right-Hand Icons

    1. New Favorites Icon: Clicking on the “new favorites” icon will allow you to add this screen to your favorites for quick access.
    2. Favorites Icon: If you have this listed as your favorite already, when you hover over this icon, it will tell you the favorite name.
    3. Export Icon: This icon is available to admins. You will be able to export the data from this screen into an excel spreadsheet.
    4. New Icon: Click this icon to create a new plan. 

Exported Columns