Keyphrases: Add/Edit Permission only

Purpose of KeyPhrases

Key Phrase functionality allows for users and county (aka “Agency”) users to create pre-set templated text/phrases.   This is a shortcut for commonly used text/phrases and dropping it into a textbox. This functionality allows for editable pre-set text/phrases to be placed in a textbox without losing existing text. It will place the pre-set text/phrase where the mouse cursor is located. 

CalMHSA will provide a few standardized keyphrases and categories, otherwise counties can also set up county-specific keyphrases and categories that would push down to all designated users.

Counties can also give permission to specific end users to be able to add/edit their own personal keyphrases.


Of note, SmartCare’s Key Phrase has no added functionality beyond text at this time, so cannot pull data (eg recent labs, medications) .

CalMHSA will permission the screens that keyphrases can be used, so if there is a particular screen that is desired but unable to open keyphrases functionality, please contact CalMHSA.


For those users with “Add/Edit Key Phrases” permission (instructions for users can be found at this link), then they can create and edit My Key Phrases only. To create a new Key Phrase:
1. Select the category on the top first.
2. Type the desired text in the textbox
3. Click “Insert”
4. Click “Save/Close”.

Additional features to modify, delete and/or add to favorites.  To view existing keyphrases, select from the lower category, which will autopopulate the keyphrases within a category or select “All.”

Those without “Edit Agency Phrases” permission will be able to see and use agency phrases by toggling between “My Phase” and “Agency Phrases” tab.  They will be select which Agency Phrase to add to Favorites.  ** This functionality is being fixed. The Key Icon also does not appear to have functionality.

Furthermore, if the end users wants to duplicate an county/CalMHSA keyphrase for personal use, there is no shortcut to push into “My Phrases.” if this is desired, click into the phrase’s textbox and manually copy and paste into “My Phrases.”

To Use Key Phrases

 To Use Key Phrases, click on the 3-dot dropdown. If hover over “Favorite Phrases” and any phrases that were selected as “Add to Favorites” will show up here.

 If click on Favorite Phrases, then a moveable pop-up will appear on the right side of the screen.

Can toggle between tabs for “My” versus “Agency” and by Category.  Click “Use” underneath the key phrase that you want to use. This will autopopulate with text wherever your mouse cursor is placed.

If there  is a desire to have an agency keyphrase as part of your personal keyphrases, you will need to copy and paste it into your own list.