How to Work Potential Match Records

The below workflow is for when the Client’s SSN is known.

  1. From the MMEF Eligibility Records screen, change All Record Status dropdown to Potential Match.
  2. Select the Apply Filter button.
  3. The records will display in the list for Potential Matches.
  4. Select the Client Search icon.
  5. Type the “Client Name (Last Name, First Name)” in the Client Search bar.
  6. Click to select the “Client Name” from the search results.
  7. The client record will open to the Client Summary screen.
  8. Select the Search icon.
  9. Type “Client Information” into the search bar.
  10. Click to select “Client Information (C) (Client)” from the search results.
  11. The Client Information (C) screen will Review the SSN Number in the SSN text field. Select the Modify button next to the SSN text field to modify as needed.
  12. The SSN popup will open.
  13. Type the “SSN number” in the text field.
  14. Select the OK button.
  15. Select the Save button in the toolbar.