How to View What Intake Documents and Tasks Need to be Completed

Intake documents are set up through Tracking Protocols by your system administrator. If a protocol is set up the specifics of what you will see are likely different then what is displayed in the screenshot.

  1. You must first have the client open, then click the Search icon.
    1. For directions opening a client see General Client Search section.
  2. If you are not on the Client Dashboard click the client’s name to quickly navigate to the Client Dashboard. 
  1. Navigate to the “Client Tracking” Widget and select the protocol from the dropdown menu.
    1. This shows you all the flags (tasks) associated with that program.
  2. Flags, associated with a protocol, but across clients can be seen through Flags (My Office).
  3. Click on the Search icon.
  4. Type Client Flags.
  5. Select Client Flags (My Office).
  1. Once you are in the list page utilize your filters to identify your due items.
  2. Recommended filters to use:
    1. Select Open from the dropdown.
    2. Enter current date in the As of  field.
    3. Select the work group from the dropdown.
    4. If you want to limit it to a specific protocol, select protocol from the dropdown.
    5. Click Apply Filter.
    6. To reduce setting filters used regularly see How to Save Filters section.