How to View the Client’s Legal Status from the Whiteboard

This will go over placing a legal status order in client orders. This order Identifies the client’s legal status when the legal status order is placed. You can add multiple statuses at a time to this column through the Client Order that‚Äôs placed. To remove a legal status, the client order must be at its end date. ¬†

  1. Click the Search icon.
  2. Type Whiteboard into the search bar.
  3. Click to select Whiteboard (My Office).   
  1. The Whiteboard screen opens. Filter as needed.
    1. Note: Make sure you have your filters set and navigate to the columns. 
  2. The Legal Status and Observations will be viewable in the corresponding column.
    1. Note: The status will not be here until the order has been entered and signed. See How to Create & Document a Client Hold  Р2023 CalMHSA
    2. Once you have a legal status for your client, you will see them populate here 
      • The Legal Status will show up in the Observation Column¬†¬†
      • The Legal Status code will show up in the Legal Status column¬†

Video Walk-Through