How to View Due/Overdue Medications

This will cover how to view and interact with Due and Overdue Medication Notifications. There are three flags that can appear in the MAR column on the Whiteboard: Red, Green, and Blue. Each will notify you of outstanding orders or medications depending on specific factors and allow you to interact with and address any issues depending on the Flag.

  1. Click the Search icon.
  2. Type ‘Whiteboard’ into the search bar.
  3. Click to select Whiteboard (My Office).   
  1. The Whiteboard List Page opens. Filter this page as needed. 

In the MAR column you will see flags. Hover over the blue flag to see the name of the medication.

    • The Red Flag means a Medication is Overdue.
    • The Green Flag means a Medication is Due Now.
    • The Blue Flag notifies you that the patient is taking a Medication.
  1. Click the Flag to be taken to one of the following screens. 
    1. If you clicked a Red Flag, the MAR List Page will open. This will show you the OVERDUE hyperlink above the MAR grid, hover over the i icon and see what is overdue.
    1. If you clicked a Green Flag this will take you to the MAR list Page. where you can administer the medication following the normal process. 
    1. The Blue Flag takes you to the Client Order screen where you can view or modify any existing orders as needed.
      • You will need to select their CDAG enrollment. 

Video Walk-Through